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Stud-Mounted & Flat Cut Lettering

Overview of Stud-Mounted & Flat Cut Lettering Options

Stud Mounted Lettering

Stud mounted lettering is an exterior sign style in which individual lettering stands off the face of the building or wall. These letters are permanently installed directly into the face of your building, wall or even wall-mounted sign background material. This lettering is very clean, crisp and easy to read up close or from a distance. Stud Mounted Lettering is available in various profiles, font styles and materials to compliment any Kingdom Hall architecture.

Standard Lettering Profiles:

  • Formed Letter
  • Prismatic Face
  • Flat Cut

Standard Lettering Materials:

  • Injection Molded
  • Plastic
  • Cast Metal
  • Metal

Standard Lettering Styles:

  • Architectual
  • Optima
  • Times Bold
  • Other: Custom Fonts

Standard Stud Types:

  • Rear Mounted
  • Bottom Mounted


  • Very attractive lettering style
  • Clean, crisp lettering
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy to Install
  • Fine option for wall-mounted signs
  • Excellent in any temperature climate
  • Available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles

Details needed to begin your sign project:

  • Language(s)
  • Sign Size / Measurement
  • Letter Color
  • Letter Material
  • Pictures of:
  • Kingdom Hall
  • Proposed sign installation location(s)
  • Existing Kingdom Hall sign
    • Project Description


    Custom Designs
    Our team of designers will be pleased to create a custom design for your sign panel. Custom features to meet your architectural needs are available upon request. For more information on how this may be accomplished, see our Custom Design section

    Getting Started
    When you are ready to proceed with your project, you may submit your custom Drawing(s), Project Description and Photos to our team for review and we will provide a Quote for Fabrication and Production.