KHSignage – Signs For Kingdom Halls

Shipping and Delivery Instructions

Shipping and Delivery Instructions

When receiving a Sign delivery:

1. Delivery Instructions:

Before Accepting Delivery:

You will be advised of your Tracking number via an Email from

Someone must be present to inspect and accept the package.


  • Please do not let the driver leave BEFORE the exterior of your package is inspected.

  • Upon delivery of shipment, all packages should be inspected for damage prior to accepting and signing for delivery.

   If there is damage to the exterior packaging, please:

  • Immediately photograph damaged packaging

  • Open the package and examine the sign(s) / package contents - photographing any damage to sign or package contents.

  • If there is damage to the sign contents, please contact KH Signage Customer Support immediately to report damage and provide photos of damaged contents.

  • KH Signage will contact courier/shipper and open a claim for damages/replacement.

    If signs are damaged, DO NOT accept or sign for delivery.

   If there is NO visible damage to outside packaging, please:

  • Open and inspect the contents of the package before Driver departs to verify that there was no internal damage during the shipping process.

  • If there is any damage to the contents of the package - follow steps noted above.

  • Once no damage is verified, you may accept and sign for the package.

Please do not let the driver leave BEFORE the contents of your package is inspected.

2. Tax Exempt Certificates

Tax Exempt Certificates

Please be sure to forward a copy of your Congregation's Tax Exempt Certificate as soon as possible so that we may file it in our records and NO tax charges are incurred.