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Carved Signs

Carved Sign Design Details.

Carved Sign Panels

Carved Panels feature three-dimensionally carved lettering which creates added value to the sign (see example above). These premium panels include: High Density Urethane (HDU) and High-impact Polymer panels which are both maintenance-free. Signs may be wall-mounted, installed on posts or inserted into monument bases. Each of these materials has its own specific application.

High Density Urethane (HDU) Panels:
High Density Urethane panels create an upscale look and feel to your Kingdom Hall sign. 23K Gold leaf (not paint) hand-gilded into carved flourishes and borders add an additional elegance to the design. High Density Urethane panels have the look of wood without the common problems associated with wood or wood by-products. HDU is a closed-cell material which does not absorb moisture thereby eliminating cracked or peeling paint. Though labor-intensive, this type of sign truly compliments any Kingdom Hall architecture. (see Standard Options listed below) Click to see example

  • HDU will not rot, warp or delaminate
  • HDU does not absorb moisture
  • Panel and carved lettering finished with five (5) layers of paint for added protection

HDU Panels with Gold Leaf embellishments:
23K Gold Leaf gives an exquisite simplicity to your sign in a manner that paint does not. Hand-gilded carved flourishes and borders add elegance to the design. (see Standard Options listed below)

  • 23K Gold leaf is recommended for flourishes and embellishments only
  • 23K Gold leaf does not tarnish or peel
  • 23K Gold is impervious to weather
  • 23K Gold leaf does not tarnish


  • Standard HDU Colors Available: Sherwin Williams/Benjamin Moore: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Chrome Green

  • SW Black      SW Blue      SW Burgundy      SW Green

  • Standard HDU Aestetic Features Available: Carved Painted Lettering, Carved Painted Flourishes, Carved Painted Borders, Carved Flourishes, Carved Borders, Carved Gold Leaf Flourishes, Carved Gold Leaf Borders

  • HDU Carved Lettering     Carved Gold Flourishes

High-impact Polymer (HIP) Panels - Grafitti and Vandal Proof:
High Impact Polymer panels create beautiful, yet highly-practical signs that are both grafitti and vandal proof. Featuring carved lettering, these signs add special value as they are highly recommended in areas where a more "durable" sign is required. Neither paint nor gold leaf will stick to this surface. These panels are not painted - permanent color is incorporated during the manufacturing process making these sheets versatile, permanent, durable and maintenance-free. HIP Panels are made of three-ply, high impact polymer with multiple layers of contrasting color which are ideal for Kingdom Halls. (see Standard Options listed below) Click to see example

  • Ideal for three-dimensional Carving
  • Shatter proof
  • Grafitti proof
  • Vandal proof
  • Water proof
  • Colorfast
  • Virtually indestructible material
  • Versatile, Environmentally Stabilized material
  • Will not delaminate, crack, rot or warp like wood or wood by-products


  • Standard HIP Three-ply Colors Available: Black/White/Black, Blue/White/Blue, Brown/White/Brown, Green/White/Green

  • HIP Standard Colors     

  • Standard HIP Aestetic Features Available: Carved Lettering, Carved Flourishes, Carved Borders,

  • HIP Carved Lettering     Carved Flourishes    

HDU and HIP Standard Shapes Available: Square corners, Radius corners, Double Radius, Radius Top, A-Top, B-Top, C-Top, D-Top

Square Corners     Radius Corners      Radius Top      Double Radius A-Top     B-Top      C-Top      D-Top

Custom Designs
Our team of designers will be pleased to create a custom design for your sign panel. Custom features to meet your architectural needs are available upon request. For more information on how this may be accomplished, see our Custom Design section

Getting Started
When you are ready to proceed with your project, you may submit your custom Drawing(s), Project Description and Photos to our team for review and we will provide a Quote for Fabrication and Production.