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Product Overview of Kingdom Hall Signs offered by

JW.ORG Signs

W e now offer JW.ORG Signs available in 2 sizes: 12" x 12" or 20" x 20". These signs meet the guidelines provided by the Branch as follows:

  • Size specification
  • Custom Font
  • Custom Color
  • Fire-resistant, noncombustible materials

Local Sign Code Regulations:

If local regulations require additional code information printed on the sign, an extra charge will be applied.

Installation Options:

  • Standard Installation:

    Standard Installation for the JW.ORG sign(s) consists of VHB (very high bond) double face tape (included) pre-applied to the reverse side. When combined with construction adhesive (purchased locally), the signs will stay in place permanently.

  • Stud Assembly Kit:

    For an additional cost, a Stud Assembly Kit (consisting of Aluminum plate + Studs and Paper Mounting Pattern) is now available for each size.

  • "QuickLoad" Frames:

    Frames for each size sign (12" x 12" or 20" x 20") are now available (hardware included).


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Our sign materials are certified by:

Green Guard Leed Certified