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Reversible Meeting Schedules

Product Overview of Reversible Meeting Schedule Signs


Vinyl Legends


R eversible Meeting Schedules are available as digitally printed inserts OR standard panels with vinyl lettering. Reversible schedules are easily Flipped over providing an Easy and Economical solution for updating Meeting Schedules when Congregations rotate. Whether inserted into one of our "Quick Load" MS-Frames or on Standoff hardware, etc., simply remove the panel, flip it over and the Sunday Times are instantly changed!

  • Any Language may be Produced
  • Quickly and Easily Change Meeting Times every year!
  • Eliminate removing/re-applying individual or vinyl lettering
  • Endures adverse weather conditions
  • Economical Solution for updating Meeting Schedules
  • One time investment with NO Additional annual Costs!
  • Reflective vinyl also available


Reversible Schedules are best for Kingdom Halls with 2 Congregations or 3 Congregations where the third Congregation does not rotate (e.g., Saturday).


Product Details:


Complete Legends:

  • Layout option - A (Centered)
  • Centered Layout
  • Layout option - B (Justified)
  • Centered Layout
  • Layout option - C (Inline)
  • Centered Layout
Sizes / Colors

Standard Sizes:

  • 2 or More Congregations:

  • 18"h x 24"w
  • 24"h x 32"w
  • 24"h x 36"w
  • 36"h x 48"w
  • Custom Sizes as needed


Aluminum Panels with Vinyl Lettering


Standard Aluminum Panel Colors:

  • Aluminum Background Panel - Standard Colors

  • Poly-metal Standard Colors

Standard Vinyl Lettering Colors: (for Aluminum Backgrounds)


Matte Gold

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue
Shadow Blue

Shadow Blue


Dark Burgundy Metallic

Dark Burgundy Metallic
Dark Green Metallic

Dark Green Metallic
Forest Green

Forest Green
Dark Grey

Dark Grey




Printed Panels


Standard Printed Colors:

Printed Schedules are available in the following colors:

  • Printed - Background Colors

  • Print Background Colors

  • Printed - Lettering Colors

  • Print Lettering Colors

Font Options

Standard Fonts:

Serif (As pictured in the Layout examples above)


San Serif

Custom Design Options

Custom Designs Options:

The following options may be customized on Meeting Schedule signs:

  • Supply any Foreign Language text
  • Congregation Names
  • Layout
  • Sign Dimensions
  • Background Color
  • Lettering Color
  • Font Option
  • Custom Format Option

How To Order

Order Details

Reversible Schedules - Order Details:

(Provide the following information to order this product)

Request A Quote

  1. Number of Languages
  2. Number of Congregations
  3. Schedule Layout style
  4. Sign Model
  5. Background Color
  6. Lettering Color
  7. Font Option
  8. Schedule Details
  9. Custom Options

Optional Accessories

See Meeting Schedule Frames


Our team of designers will be pleased to discuss your custom meeting schedule requirements. For more information on how this may be accomplished, contact our Customer Support Team.

Getting Started

When you are ready to proceed with your project, you may submit your Project Details and Photos to our team for review and we will provide a Quote for Fabrication and Production.


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